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Let The Journey Begin

Senior year of high school 2002

I am going to be having weight loss surgery. I am going to be having weight loss surgery. I am going to be having weight loss surgery. No matter how many times I say it, it still doesn’t feel real yet. I am in the second month of my 3 month waiting period and my surgery will hopefully be scheduled for April. Right now the things they want me to be doing are first work out for 30 minutes 5 days a week. Second stay at a certain calorie point each meal and make sure my diet is balanced. Third start a pill regimen consisting of Omeprazole & vitamin D. Lastly make sure I do not gain any weight during these 3 months.

Easy right? Well as long as I can get into a groove maybe. I am trying to make time to go to the gym or at least workout. My trying could be better though. I am usually about 3 or 4 days a week depending on how busy we are. My eating isn’t terrible although they want me to eat way more calories during the day than I do which is hard. I am terrible with documenting my food luckily that part isn’t required. I feel like I am not always sure what exactly to enter and I hate to guess. The pill thing is fine with me it’s just all about remembering. That reminds me…. Ok todays are gone now. The last part gets me a little worried. If I was able to manage my weight properly I wouldn’t be getting this surgery. So for them to say that I can’t even gain 1 little pound during this waiting period freaks me out!

If I said this didn’t scare me I would be lying. I am mostly scared of the unknown. Everyone’s bodies react differently to things so what’s going to happen to me exactly? How will my body hold up after surgery? All I know for sure is if I don’t have the surgery that I am headed to an early death from health related issues down the road.

I am hoping that with this surgery will come some relief. I am hoping that I will be able to cure my Plantar Fasciitis. I have been in consistent pain from this with no avail for almost 2 years now.  Walking is a task not to mention “working out”. I am also hoping to cure my Sleep apnea. I hate that I have to rely on a machine to keep me breathing at night. I do want so bad to be able to go hiking in remote places as well and right now I’m limited to places with electricity.

A little history…

My weight as a kid never really bothered me. I wasn’t “fat”, I just wasn’t “skinny”. In high school I felt the most average at 5’9” 172 lbs. I was slender enough that I was comfortable in a two piece. I was married at age 18 and got into what I assume to be is the comfortable stage and I noticed I was gaining some weight. I remember at that time saying that if I ever hit 200 lbs that I was going to start removing limbs. Obviously I was joking and I quickly hit the 200 mark and kept going. We were young and on our own for the first time ever. We could buy and eat whatever we wanted. No parents to tell us no! at 20 I got pregnant with our first child and actually lost weight during most of my pregnancy. After I had her at 21 and regained some weight I had hit up to 260. My husband was in the army and about to deploy so when he did my focus became my daughter and trying to live healthier. I was 230 a year later when he came back. A couple years later I got pregnant with my son and again lost weight with my pregnancy. After he was born I quickly shot up to 265. My husband was set to deploy again so I worked as hard as I could to look good for his return. I got down to 202 by the time he returned home 18 months later. Onederland was oh so close! I hovered between that and 230 for a while. We got out of the military and moved back home. My weight has gone up and down so many times.

3 years ago I was the heaviest I had been at 298 lbs. I could not seem to lose the weight no matter how I tried on my own. My doctor prescribed me Phentermine. It is used for weight loss by making you feel full and giving you extra energy. Over the course of me taking that on and off and of course working my butt off I got down to 218 in less than a year. I decided that I didn’t want to take the pill anymore. As soon as I stopped the weight started coming back quicker than it fell off. So fast that that’s how my Plantar Fasciitis started. No matter how much I worked out or ate right I just kept gaining and gaining weight. When I went in for my initial apt for surgery I was saddened to find out I was weighing in at 308 lbs. I am ashamed of how I look and feel. Seems all through life people would refer to me as the girl with a pretty face. It never bothered me until now. I’m not asking to be a supermodel, but it would be nice to be able to tie my shoes without feeling like I’m going to die.


6 thoughts on “Let The Journey Begin

  1. You are amazing, you are important, you are BEAUTIFUL!! I am so happy for you and your journey. I stand behind you as your bestie! I am so proud of you for making this big step of the unknowing. But I have complete faith in you!! You got this. Love you

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    1. I understand everything you are going through. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I am here for you no matter what you need. I am so proud of you! You will always be beautiful, not just a pretty face!

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    2. Vicky everyone is afraid of the unknown 🙂 I praise you for being brave to take this journey for you and your family. If you ever need to call anyone for advice or support please feel free to call me I do have a lot of knowledge about plantar fasciitis , Exercise plans, and calorie intake. Brooke was a dietitian and I have worked out for years. I’ve also worked with people selling shoes with all kinds of foot issues and having a medical background it helps with certain conditions. I am so proud that you are looking forward at your Health, to be healthy not only for you but your family and having a better quality of life. I do not believe in diets.I also do not believe in that everyone needs to be a certain size to be healthy ,I believe being healthy is more important than size. I also know that you have a wonderful family that is very very supportive! I believe you can do this for yourself 🙂


  2. Victoria your writing is terrific… However the title needs to be changed to Girl with MORE than a pretty face because while the title as is is accurate, there is certainly much more to appreciate when it comes to you. You are smart, kind, a good parent and I could go on but usually by now someone tells me to shut up… So I will simply say that I wish you well on this journey… I am a very active person so if you need any motivation or help let me know…and I will follow your progress 🙂

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  3. Take advantage of your age,it is easier to lose when you are young. As we get older it is best to maintain a healthy weight as women , we can have other issues. Good luck in your journey. Wish you the best. You are a very pretty girl inside and out!!


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