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Approval came!

December 2016

I got my copy of the approval letter from my insurance yesterday! I was reading over it and saw that it said very specifically that I was approved for a service date of 4/25/17??? What does that mean? My insurance decides what date I am approved for? Of course I worried about it last night, its only 8 days away and what if my surgeon isn’t available when my insurance says it’s ok?!?! Also I have a 2 week pre-opt meal plan to follow and that’s not two weeks away! I didn’t want to get my hopes up either.
A ton of thoughts went through my head until 9 am came today and I could call my surgeon’s office. Upon calling I ended up having to hold for 9 minutes which seemed like an eternity. When the lady came on and I explained what happened and how I was confused she explained that when they send the paper work to the insurance they have to send it with a “dummy date” and that if the approval comes back in time for them to use that date then they do. Ah, now that makes sense! Then she went on to say “so the 25th it is!” Wait a minute! What about my two week pre-opt meal plan I have to follow?? Apparently a week is plenty for pre-opt! I was very excited to find this out!
Now because I am me and I have to be prepared for anything I actually packed my pre-opt shakes for work just in case. So now for the next week for breakfast/lunch/snack/evening I get to enjoy a chocolate protein shake. I do get to have a fruit serving during the day, a regular dinner around 520 calories, and I can also have low starch vegetables at other times during the day. I need to increase my water/clear liquid intake to 64 oz a day as well. I am terrible at getting all my water however they consider several things “clear liquid” like tea, broth, jello, etc.
I actually don’t have any anxiety or fear about the surgery itself. I have confidence in the medical team that is taking care of me. I am just excited for this new chapter of my life to start and I am even more excited that it’s starting so soon! I have read that people have a hard time with the pro-opt diet. That they feel hungry all the time and are not getting enough food. At this point I don’t see this being an issue for me, seems like they are giving me plenty of options to not be hungry. Now I can see getting sick of the shakes, having the same thing 4 times a day every day. It’s only for a week though. That is so short compared to the time I am going to extend my life by!


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