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It’s Here!


So we are finally here! My surgery is in the morning! This last week of my pre-op diet was a bit of a roller coaster. The first 3 days I had a terrible headache that I could just not shake. Especially since the only thing I could take was Tylenol. I think my body was detoxing because I am not a huge caffeine drinker. It was so bad that when I wasn’t at work I was pretty much just in bed. Once day 4 came and my headache went away I was much better off. The eating part wasn’t too hard for me. I was hungry the first couple days but after that I was fine food wise. I have been tempted with so many yummy things this week too. The only bad thing I had all week was a cookie at a birthday party, but even after I had it I wasn’t wanting more like I usually would. I was tempted with cake yesterday which is my favorite thing, but I didn’t even want it. I hope that continues.

So everyone is asking me if I am nervous. I am not nervous about the surgery it self. I have the up-most faith in my doctor and his team that everything will be fine. I am nervous for some reason about being in the hospital by myself. I know that my husband will be there tomorrow, but I also know I may be a bit groggy and might not notice or remember when he leaves not to mention he will be working the next day. I hate being alone in hospitals, not sure where that stems from at all.

I went to get blood work done this morning at the hospital and it was like walking into the DMV. It had just opened however there were people everywhere with their number cards and two ladies working out of the 9 available counter areas. I was number 32 and it took forever. They are very nice though I must give them that. They must have apologized for the wait every other sentence. It’s after 10:00 pm now so I can no longer eat, but I can have clear liquids until 7:00 am tomorrow. I also had to shower tonight and sleep in freshly laundered pajamas and sheets only to shower again in the morning. This is supposed to help prevent infection.

Now this is awesome! A friend of mine wanted to help so she created a meal train for my 5 days after surgery so that my husband and kids would be taken care of and I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to cook or feed them when I am recovering. I was so thankful! That was probably the most awesome thing that happened this whole week. I did go grocery shopping for all my post surgery essentials like protein powder/drinks, jello, broth, etc. I think I am pretty well prepared.

Well I am off to bed. Wish me luck!!!


3 thoughts on “It’s Here!

  1. Vic, the first couple of weeks you’ll question whether you made the right decision. Eating will be monotonous, sugar free popcicles, jello, broth, protein drinks. You’ll crave something you can chew, anything not liquid and not sweet. You can do this girl with a pretty face!


  2. Wow, the day you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Good luck girl, you got this.

    I am really looking forward to hearing your next post about how the surgery went and how you are feeling. I myself am on the same journey, but still in the early stages of waiting for a date.

    Eeeee i’m so excited for you!

    Really looking forward to your next post.

    xxx love Louise


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